Bachelor’s degree

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Regional Development and Public Administration bachelor study programme will find employment in public administration bodies, particularly at the lower and middle levels. Their advantage will be a comprehensive view of problem solving and administration at municipal and regional authorities, particularly in the areas of regional development, tourism, culture, administration and economic development. In addition, graduates should be prepared for employment in various regional development agencies, information and consultation centres, including the possibility of employment within the business sector. Graduates can continue to the Master’s programme.

Master’s degree

Graduate profile

The graduate profile includes the ability to process conceptual and strategic documents and participate in the modernisation and functioning of administrative bodies at a highly professional level. Graduates will find employment in all areas and at all levels of public administration, in state institutions and in the private sector, where knowledge of spatial relations and processes is essential. Graduates will also find employment opportunities within the sphere of international organisations, especially those which are directly or partly linked to the structures of the European Union.

Graduates can also be employed as experts in public institutions, particularly in public administration at state, regional and municipal levels, in institutions dealing with the use of EU structural funds and regional and local development, as well as in European Union institutions, consulting institutions, economic and regional journalism, etc.